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    Role and Responsibilities

    The Board of Directors approved the establishment of a Remuneration Committee and the Remuneration Committee Charter on August 4, 2011. The Committee is responsible for approving and regularly reviewing remuneration policy, guidelines, practices and structure as well as compensation programs for board members and the senior management.

    The Remuneration Committee is comprised of three independent directors who possess adequate qualifications, expertise and experience for the positions. The Committee Chair is elected by and from among its members. The Committee meets at least twice a year.

    The following table gives information about the academic background, business experience and meeting attendance of each member of the Remuneration Committee last year.

    Position Name Expiration of Term Education and Business Experience Attendance at Committee Meetings (%)
    Committee Chair Louis T. Kung 3
    1. Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Finance, St. John’s University
    2. Managing Director and General Manager of the Shanghai Branch; China Country Manager, Bank of New York  Mellon
    3. Adjunct Lecturer, Department of International Business, National Taiwan University
    4. Adjunct Professor, The Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University
    5. Academic adviser, Economic Development & Traditional Cultural Study Center, Xiamen University
    Committee Member Wei-Ta Pan 3
    1. J.D., University of Nebraska
    2. President and Professor of Law, Soochow University
    3. Commissioner, Central Election Commission, Executive Yuan
    4. Board Member, Complaint Review Board for Government Procurement, Taipei City Government
    Committee Member Wen-Yen Hsu 3
    1. Ph. D. in Risk Management and Insurance, Georgia State University
    2. Professor, Department of Risk Management and Insurance; Dean, College of Finance, Feng Chia University
    3. Director, Taiwan Insurance Institute
    4. Director, Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association