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  • China Life’s “Training Partner” Promotional Video Touches the Heart of Many
    Taipei, 25 February 2022 – China Life’s “The Training Partner” brand promotional video acquired over 23.3 million views in the past two months. The empathic and heart-warming storyline was well received. As expressed in the video, “clients are what propels China Life forward”and only by adopting “a customer-centric” approach can we become “the most trustworthy and recommended insurance company.”
    China Life Works in Collaboration with Duofu to Realize Equality in Travel
    Taipei, 17 February 2022 – Taiwan will become a super-aged society by 2025. As the life-expectancy of the people in Taiwan raises, numerous risks have appeared. Ahead of peerss, China Life works in partnership with “Duofu Care & Service” and “Duofu Holidays” to provide safe travel option for policyholders with disabilities. By providing travel services for the disabled, China Life helps meet the emotional and social needs of the elderly. Aside from achieving joint prosperity, China Life helps maintain the mental and physical health of the elderly and the disabled, while also ensuring equal rights in terms of social participation. China Life believes that encouraging the elderly to go outdoors can help them maintain healthy relationships with others , thereby enhancing their quality of living. For this reason, China Life join hands with Duofu to offer “workout travel” for the elderly, and even invited DR. Kuo, Jian-Chung (a doctor that specializes in rehailitation) and occupational therapists for the trip. The new travel model combines travel, workout, and rehabilitation to not only improve the health of the elderly, but also their quality of living.
    China Life’s First Digital Smart Training Center to Cultivate Next-generation Talent
    Taipei, 14 February 2022 - Under the global trend of digitalization, many well-known enterprises have engaged in creating a new lifestyle that integrates online and offline solutions with Internet infrastructure improvements and technological innovation. Eying training and cultivation synergy created by online and offline integration, China Life has established its first digital smart training center, which uses immersive teaching method that combines life insurance knowhow with AR, interactive e-whiteboard, cloud streaming solutions, etc. The next-generation talents can use the tools with which they are familiar to get to know China Life and understand life insurance. In the meantime, China Life can train elite sales agents with innovative thinking.
    China Life Introduces “Retirement Financial Advisor (RFA)” to Help Customers Have Enjoyable Retirement
    Taipei, 9 February 2022 - Many people agree with the concept that “the retirement planning should start as early as possible.” However, when they actually roll up their sleeves, they are often baffled by the wide variety of financial tools, unsure about what to pay attention to and how to establish a plan and timeline suitable for individuals. With help from professional advisors, consumers can do more with less when devising their own retirement plans. Adhering to the customer-centric core value and aiming to meet clients’ need, China Life has introduced “Retirement Financial Advisor (RFA)” system from Pension Fund Association of R.O.C. in 2021, enhancing our agents’ expertise in life insurance and retirement planning. In the first year, 163 of China Life’s agents obtained professional certificates, with the pass rate reaching 72%, outperforming its peers in the insurance sector. It is estimated that by the end of 2022, China Life will have approximately 500 RFAs, helping customers establish comprehensive retirement plans from the perspective of stability, asset allocation and the trend of population aging.
    China Life Achieves New Interdisciplinary Alliance Milestone Through Collaboration with Chimei Hospital and NCKU
    Taipei, 24 January 2022 – As interdisciplinary integration of digital technology becomes a global trend, a new service model has developed. Just prior to the Chinese New Year holidays, a collaboration between China Life, Chimei Hospital and the Center for Research of E-life Digital Technology in National Cheng Kung University stimulated the development of a new ecosphere that combines medicine, insurance and technology. The collaboration resulted in a brand new experience in terms of doctor-patient and client relationship. Tainan Deputy Mayor Chao, Ching-hui witnessed the signing of the Letter of Intent between Stephanie Hwang, President of China Life; Chio, Chung-Ching, Superintendent of Chimei Hospital; and Kun-Ta Chuang, Head of the Research Center. In the future, the citizen of Tainan will have access to more convenient services thanks to the integration of medicine, insurance and innovative technology.
    Guardian of the Elderly, China Life Creates Dedicated “School For the Elderly”
    Taipei, 13 January 2022 -Taiwan will have become a super-aged society by 2025. By then, one in five will be over the age of 65. As the the average life expectancy of Taiwan rises, health and finance related risks also need to be addressed. In recent years, there have been numerous cases of fraud and financial exploitation, with many victims being senior citizens. China Life strives to become the “Financial Guardian for the Elderly” by implementing “treating customers fairly”policies and has gradualy enhanced financial education to the elderly as well as strengthened their financial knowledge and awareness in self-protection. This is a proactive approach to incident prevention and will not only reduce social cost, but also contribute to a better society.
    China Life Receives Four Best Quality Awards of Insurance
    Taipei, 4 January 2022 - With RMI Magazine’s announcement of the 29th “Taiwan’s Best life insurance company ranking” survey, China Life was granted four awards under the Best Quality Awards of Insurance, including “Most Well-known,” “Most Recommended Award,” ”Best Agents “and “Best Insurance Claim Services.” China Life Chief Senior Executive Vice President Tony Hsu and Senior Vice President Anne Su received the awards on behalf of the Company. The awards echo China Life’s superb brand image in terms of professional management and innovative services, reflecting China Life’s vision to become “the most recommended and trustworthy life insurance company.”
    China Life Launches “Water Refill” Events In Support of Circular Economy & Carbon Reduction 100+
    Taipei, 3 January 2022 - “Go fetch a bottle of water at convenience stores when you are thirsty,” a seemingly innocent consumption habit is actually imposing enormous burden on our environment. According to statistics, around 1 billion bottles of water are sold in Taiwan every year. In addition to discarded plastic bottles, the behavior also generates approximately 93,000 tons of carbon emission. Therefore, China Life, having long been committed to promoting environmental sustainability, has participated in the “water refill,” an outcome of integrating sustainability with social innovation. As the only insurer joining Circular Economy & Carbon Reduction 100+, China Life has combined healthcare with environmental protection and social issues, setting up tea serving spots along the cycling routes and in tourist attractions in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Hualien, and Taitung. A water drinking map marking the location of these “water refill” spots is shared on the dedicated app of the campaign, allowing residents and tourists near these spots to enjoy free and clean water. By promoting the concept of drinking water to improve health and reducing plastic bottles waste, China Life strives to reduce plastic waste and carbon emission at source, exerting life insurer’s influence on environmental protection.
    China Life Becomes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of China Development Financial Holding Corporation
    Taipei, 29 December 2021 - China Life completed share swap with China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CDF”) and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDF on December 30, 2021. China Life’s name and logo remain unchanged while the rights and interests of policyholders are fully protected. The terms and conditions, content, rights and obligations of existing policies will remain unaffected and the Company will continually optimize services for our clients. Upholding the core value of “customer-centric,” China Life will continue to offer convenient, considerate and heartwarming services.
    China Life Launches the Latest Brand Video: Training Partner
    Taipei, 23 December 2021 - When winners receive their awards and honor on the glistening podium in the international sports events, a kind of people are sharing the glory aside. These people, who accompany the athletes for training, giving support and encouragement, and helping them make breakthroughs, in order to achieve their shared goals, are so-called training partners. Similar to training partners, China Life accompanies customers in every part of their life journey in the spirit of “We Share We Link.” Based on the concept, China Life launched its latest brand video, “Practice Partner.” The video went viral upon its launch with approximately 20 million views so far. The positive and forward-looking attitude in the video touches every employee’s heart. China Life establishes relationships with customers by sharing the life moments. In doing so, the Company strives to become the most recommended and trusted life insurer.
    Pioneers of Sustainable Finance - China Life Becomes the 1st Enterprise to Acquire ISO 14097 Verification
    Taipei, 22 November 2021 - Global Climate change continues to be an urgent international issue. The recent COP26 (2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) also passed the resolution to gradually reduce the use of coal. China Life has continuously exerted its influence on the value chain to enhance its responsible investment management. Furthermore, China Life has launched three major climate actions: “Renewable Energy Power Plant Investment,” “Green Bond Investment,” and “Engagement with High Carbon Emission Industries;” set carbon reduction goals for different stages in pursuing net zero carbon of all its assets by 2045. After confirmation from BSI, China Life became the first enterprise in the world to acquire the ISO 14097 verification.
    China Life Wins Taiwan Sustainability Oscars Seven Years in a Row
    Taipei, 17 November 2021 - Deemed the Oscar Award for sustainability in Taiwan, the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” (TCSA) is held by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy. The award is the most recognized benchmark award for sustainability management and sustainability report in Taiwan, with this year marking the 14th anniversary of its establishment. In 2021, a record-breaking 329 enterprises participated in the TCSA. In ensuring a comprehensive and transparent CSR report, China Life won the “TCSA Corporate Sustainability Reports Award - Platinum” with its adoption of international standards such as the GRI and SASB standards to enhance report quality and continue communication with stakeholders. Moreover, China Life leverages its life insurance experience and resources to incorporate sustainability risks and opportunities into various stages of its value chain: product design, policy underwriting, investment management, after-sales services, etc. By implementing enhancement measures, China Life is able to achieve comprehensive and in-depth corporate sustainability competitiveness for a variety of issues. As a highly-praised enterprise, China Life is the only insurance company to win the “Top 50 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Award” and is an important driver for sustainable transformation in the insurance ecosystems.
    Joining hands with Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association, China Life Takes Action to Protect People with Dementia
    Taipei, 10 November 2021 - The number of people suffering from dementia in Taiwan has surged. According to statistics, one in 12 seniors aged 65 and older has dementia. The figure shows that dementia is spreading at a fast pace, with more and more families faced with the challenge of caring for people with dementia. In response to the disease, China Life has constantly observed issues regarding the elderly and has worked with the Taiwan Alzheimer Disease Association to develop key chains with emergency contact cards. By distributing the key chains to people with dementia (therefore likely to get lost), China Life helped create a safety net to protect people with dementia from getting lost, reflecting China Life’s spirit of being a trustworthy enterprise.
    China Life Starts a New Volunteering Pattern in the Post-Pandemic Era, Showing Its Innovative Spirit
    Taipei, 2 November 2021 - The pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Nowadays, people can not only shop and order food without leaving home but also volunteer online, removing the barriers to our love. During the Level 3 Epidemic Alert period, many physical volunteering events were canceled and social welfare organizations were heavily impacted. However, leveraging its innovative spirit and thinking outside the box, China Life contacted social welfare organizations and brainstormed with them to conceive an innovative and contact-free way of volunteering online or from home. Since its launch in the Level-3 alert period, the new volunteering method has become popular among employees. Each event was fully booked the instant it was announced, with over 500 participants in just a month and over 2,000 service hours in total. In achieving the goal of common good, China Life also showcased its adaptive entrepreneurship.
    In Cooperation With Tainan City Government, China Life Expands the Safety Net of Micro-insurance
    Taipei, 27 October 2021 - China Life never ceases to care about the society. In order to provide protection to more economically underprivileged people, China Life expanded the micro-insurance coverage this year. Together with Tainan City government and Chao Hsing Social Welfare Foundation (hereinafter “TNCH”), China Life promoted micro-insurance by donating premiums. This time, around 16,000 additional citizens enjoyed the protection of micro-insurance. Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che awarded China Life a certificate of appreciation to commend China Life’s efforts in helping underprivileged households enjoy more comprehensive protection and in embodying the spirit of inclusive finance.
    China Life Receives National-Level Acknowledgment and Claims Two Awards for the “Best Products of Yushan Awards”
    Taipei, 22 October 2021 - China Life’s outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation have been constantly acknowledged. At the 18th National Brand Yushan Award, China Life claimed two awards for the “Best Products of Yushan Award.” In face of changes brought about by fintech, China Life garnered one of the awards for integrating facial recognition technology into policy application process, launching the “Smile to Sign”, enrollment service with facial recognition. In addition, when the pandemic was most severe this year, China Life was the first in the insurance sector to roll out vaccine insurance for individuals. The vaccine insurance policy perfectly reflects China Life’s enterprise value of being customer-centric and trustworthy.
    China Life Receives 2 Quality Awards at the “Digital Financial Service Award” for its Stellar Digital Transformation Performance
    Taipei, 7 October 2021 - In face of challenges brought about by fintech in recent years, China Life has been investing copious resources to accelerate digital transformation and become the first to integrate facial recognition technology into policy enrollment. China Life is one of the few companies that are authorized to execute trial implementation of remote enrollment. With stringent information security and personal information protection measures, the company crafted a smart identity verification system, becoming the pioneer of the industry to implement facial recognition in its policy enrollment process. This digital transformation is what won China Life the “Digital Innovation Award” and “Digital Information Security Award” at Commercial Times’ first “Digital Financial Service Awards.” The awards are not only an acknowledgment of China Life’s outstanding fintech performance, but also a reflection of its entrepreneurship and innovation.
    China Life Claims Gold and Silver Awards at the Taiwan Insurance Excellence Awards
    Taipei, 1 October 2021 - China Life has long focused on talent development and innovation and talent incubation. Adhering to the Treating Customers Fairly Principle, China Life also promoted inclusive financial services. With its excellent performance, China Life won a gold award for Excellence in Talent Development Project Planning and a silver award for Excellence in Microinsurance Promotion at the 9th Taiwan Insurance Excellence Awards held by the Taiwan Insurance Institute. On behalf of the company, Senior Executive Vice President Eric Su of China Life received the awards in the ceremony.
    First Insurance Policies for Underprivileged Households: China Life Continues to Promote Microinsurance
    Taipei, 13 September 2021 – Despite the pandemic, China Life’s care for the society continues. In order for the economically underprivileged to be covered by insurance policies, China Life works with Tainan City government and Tainan-based Xiu Feng Gung Ji Charity Foundation for the second straight year to promote microinsurance services via donating insurance premiums, helping more than 10,000 people to be protected by insurance policies. Therefore, China Life received a certificate of appreciation again for the campaign, as the move has embodied the spirits of financial inclusion and treating customers fairly. China Life says it is currently cooperating with many local governments across Taiwan to jointly provide micorinsurance services, with an aim of bringing about protection, care and assistance to economically underprivileged households. China Life hopes the economic impact on these households can be lessened should any emergencies occur, with the microinsurance policies exhibiting the value of insurance of helping people in emergencies.
    China Life’s Digital Transformation Helps Agents Achieve New Sales Records Amidst the Post-pandemic Era
    Taipei, 9 September 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the lives of the general public. China Life has displayed innovation skills and entrepreneurship by investing in long-term digital transformation, as well as optimizing its customer-centric operating procedures and services. China Life seized this opportunity to integrate its online + offline business operations, which include the industry’s first remote face recognition insurance application service, offering technical convenience to our agents and policyholders. With the assistance of digital tools, our agents achieve record sales. In addition, China Life has attracted elite agents to join us with technological empowerment. For the first seven months of 2021, China Life’s agent number increased and agent annual growth rate was the highest in the life insurance sector. Not only has there been a drop in the average age of its new on-board employees, but the average income of its new employees have increased as well. With the number of registered agents on the rise for three consecutive years, China Life has become the employer of choice and the most trustworthy company for new agents.
    China Life Granted Dual Awards from Insurance Asia Awards for 2 Straight Years
    Taipei, 26 August 2021 – Once again, China Life’s innovations have earned positive praise! We have been awarded the Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year and Insurance Initiative of the Year for the second consecutive year from the Insurance Asia Awards (held by the AsianBanking & Finance magazine). It serves as a clear indication that our devotion to digitalization and product innovation has gained international recognition.
    China Life Received First Taiwan Sustainable Investment Awards
    Taipei, 19 August 2021 – With a vision to “become the most trustworthy insurance company,” China Life has continually perfected sustainable management framework by fulfilling sustainable operations and sustainable investment, in order to maximize profit for shareholders, employees and the society. In order to pursuie long-term and stable investment returns, China Life has actively participated in green investment, by applying ESG principles to evaluation of investment targets and management of invested units. Meantime, China Life aims to fulfill the promise to “achieve net zero carbon emissions for its portfolion by 2045” together with parent company China Development Financial (CDF). We has been recognized as the “role model” at the first Taiwan Sustainable Investment Awards.
    China Life Acquires Treating Customer Fairly Recognition For Three Consecutive Years
    Taipei, 9 August 2021 – China Life Insurance implements measures to ensure the protection of financial consumer rights and has received recognition from the competent authority. For three consecutive years, China Life Insurance has ranked among the top 20% by the FSC’s “Treating Customer Fairly Principle Evaluation.” Since the FSC’s implementation of the aforementioned evaluation in 2019, China Life Insurance has been one of the few mid- and large-sized insurance companies to be rated outstanding every single year, standing out among its peers. Being able to exceed the performance of peers is a true testament to China Life adoption of “treating customers fairly” as its business philosophy, in addition to its active and comprehensive services that tends to customers’ needs.
    China Life Collaborates with SinoPac FHC to Perfect COVID Protection with Vaccine Insurance
    Taipei, 28 July 2021 – Employees are an enterprise’s most important asset. With that, SinoPac FHC on July 20th, 2021 has purchased the company-sponsored group healthcare plan that includes basic hospital insurance services provided by China Life, in order to provide SinoPac FHC’s employees with comprehensive protection. In addition, SinoPac FHC offers its employees three layers of protection including paid time off for vaccinations, family care leave and COVID insurance plans, as well as encouraging employees to get vaccinated. This can improve vaccine-preventable diseases control and vaccination coverage, lowering the risk of operation disruption caused by employees infected with COVID-19.
    Malaysia-born Saloon Tham Appointed Chairman of China Life
    Taipei, 8 July 2021 -- China Life today (July 8) elected Malaysia-born Mr. Saloon Tham as Chairperson in the board meeting. China Life stated that it will rely on Mr. Tham’s abundant experiences in the realm of international insurance to lead the Company to international success. Mr. Tham will also collaborate with CDF President Mr. Steve Bertamini in promoting innovations for the group’s departments and implementing the ABCDE strategy, in order to accelerate growth, digital innovations and asset allocation. Under Mr. Tham’s leadership, China Life will roll out a wide array of business and development plans and help the Company enter a new era of glory.
    China Life Becomes the Only Insurance Company Ranked Top 5% By the TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluation System
    Taipei, 29 June 2021 – China Life Insurance has engaged in long-term sustainable development and internalized corporate governance as its corporate culture. In the process, China Life has cultivated its appreciation and emphasis for legal compliance, ethical management, and corporate social responsibilities, which have become the Company’s general directive for its business operations. In fulfilling its corporate sustainability responsibilities, China Life creates a win-win situation for itself and its clients. In 2020, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) corporate governance evaluation ranked China Life as the top 5% in the seventh (2020) Corporate Governance Evaluation, with China Life being the only insurance company among the 45 selected listed-companies. Particularly, with increasing challenges in the market, the number of financial and insurance companies ranked top 5% has declined over the years; from 12 in 2014, to just 6 in 2020. China Life overcame these difficulties and was ranked top 5% six times. China Life’s dedication in optimizing corporate governance was recognized and praised by the competent authority, allowing it to exceed international standards.
    China Life’s Smile to Sign Facial Identification Allows for Convenient Remote Insurance Application
    Taipei, 16 June 2021 – Taiwan’s severe COVID-19 pandemic has altered the lives of the public and increased the need for remote services. The Insurance Bureau has been listening to the general public’s need in a timely manner. It has promoted digital transformation for the insurance sector in alignment with Green Finance 2.0 and ESG trends. The goal is to allow for more user-friendly and convenient financial services. As a long-time promoter of digital innovation for financial services, China Life has turned FinTech into breakthrough of financial services. Moreover, it has developed numerous exclusive digital tools for sales agents and clients alike, allowing both sides to enjoy convenience brought by technology. The revolutionary facial identification insurance application is currently under a trial run, with the aim of overcoming restraints from traditional face-to-face insurance application procedures under the precondition of ensuring the clients’ rights. As it aligns with the Insurance Bureau’s goals, the approval of the trial run encourages the public to embrace digitalization and use the paper-free Smile to Sign facial recognition technology for remote insurance application.
    China Life HQ Building Acquires EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate
    Taipei, 2 June 2021 – For the first time ever, China Life is constructing its HQ building centering around sustainable development design concepts. The building has acquired the EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate from the Ministry of the Interior by meeting the requirements of seven main indicators: greenery, water retention, daily energy conservation, carbon dioxide reduction, waste reduction, water resource as well as sewage and garbage. In 2017, the construction plans for the Company’s new HQ acquired the EEWH Green Building Gold Certificate. Having adopted green building concepts in the initial design stage, the certification is a testament to China Life’s dedication to environmental protection and the creation of sustainability values for society.
    Leading the Way in Offering Insurance for Retired Medical Personnel Volunteers Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Taipei, 25 May 2021 – In response to severe COVID-19 pandemic, the Taipei City Government has called forth retired medical personnel in combating the spread of the pandemic. Nearly 2,000 retired medical personnel volunteered on the COVID-19 frontline. China Life reciprocates this noble cause by working with the Taipei City Government in offering group accident insurance and COVID-19-prevention insurance policies to these courageous and selfless volunteers. Moreover, NT$300,000 in condolence supplement will be issued for hospitalized confirmed cases while an additional NT$1,000,000 will be issued for death of confirmed cases on duty. China Life stands with all medical personnel and offer the highest appreciation for their services.
    Microinsurance Products Received Award Recognition for Six Consecutive Years – China Life Helps the Financially Disadvantaged Across Multiple Counties & Cities Nationwide
    Taipei, 3 May 2021 – In order to promote social inclusion, sharing and prosperity for all, China Life has launched microinsurance products since 2014. By actively donating to multiple local governments and social welfare organizations, China Life exerts its corporate values and safeguards the financially disadvantaged through its microinsurance policies, providing basic accident insurance plans to those in need. Aside from offering microinsurance products via collaboration with the local governments in Yilan County, Hualien County, and Yunlin County with the help of government agencies, China Life has expanded its microinsurance services to Tainan City and Taitung County in 2020. With that, China Life has extended its microinsurance safety net across the Eastern Taiwan. Over thirty-four thousand individuals received insurance protection after meeting certain criteria and conditions. China Life’s dedication to social well-being was praised by the competent authority and was granted the outstanding microinsurance award for six consecutive years issued by the FSC.
    China Life Provides Group Insurance Service for Social workers in Taitung County by Reaching Out to More People
    Taipei, 26 April 2021 – Social workers reaching out to every corner of society has been imperative on the social safety net. These workers offer warmth and comfort to the disadvantaged, giving them hope and encouragement for the future. In order to give back to the social workers’ devotion, China Life has become Taiwan’s first life insurance company that collaborates with Pingtung County Government to jointly launch the “social workers group accident insurance program.” The policy allows the county’s approx. 500 social workers to enjoy group accident insurance. Though this program, a positive cycle is formed when the social workers take care of the disadvantage. China Life can ensure that the safety of the social workers is covered, keeping the minds of the workers and their families at ease.
    China Life Becomes Sole Life Insurance Company Whose Facial Recognition Insurance Solution Was Praised By “The Asset” Magazine
    Taipei, 25 March 2021 - China Life announces good news regarding innovative financial services! The Company’s application of facial recognition technology to the insurance application process has been granted the Digital Project Awards - Best Biometric Project by the Asset Magazine. Every year, the magazine holds The Asset Triple A Awards, which is one of the most prestigious international financial awards in the market, with evaluation covering all sorts of financial institutions in Asia. Once again, China Life has become an international spotlight with our “facial recognition-powered insurance solution” as we were granted the “Digital Award” in 2020.
    China Life Included in Bloomberg Gender
    Taipei, 12 March 2021 - China Life announced its inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for two consecutive years. GEI incorporates 380 enterprises across 44 countries. Among the five enterprises from Taiwan, China Life is the only insurance company included for two consecutive years, exemplifying its commitment to gender equality and employee rights in the workplace.
    China Life’s Enhanced PIMS Accreditation Gains SGS Recognition
    Taipei, 8 March 2021 – With ever-changing financial services, fraud, leakage of personal data and illegal data collection have become common occurrence. Establishment of a safe financial service environment will allow policyholders to entrust companies with their personal data. China Life has become one of the first companies to acquire the enhanced accreditation, with our Personal Information Management System (PIMS) having been granted BS 10012:2017 certification. This has expanded the scope of accreditation from previous personal insurance related business to all businesses covered by both the Company’s headquarters and its branch offices. The action is a reflection of the Company’s adoption of the international standards and determination to enhance personal data protection.
    China Life’s Charity Purchase Reaches Record High
    Taipei, 8 February 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the efforts of various charity groups since its spread last year. This includes sharp decline in donations as well as rejection of company visits for charity organizations to promote their merchandise, resulting in instable earnings. Despite present challenges, China Life has chosen to continually uphold caring values by holding charity events that helps social welfare organizations, eco-friendly small-sized farmers and social enterprises sell their products for the 13th consecutive year. This allows employees and the general public to directly support and financially help these non-profit organization groups.
    China Life Invites Colleagues to Donate Blood, Jointly Combating COVID-19 and Protecting Taiwan
    Taipei, 22 January 2021 – the inventory of blood banks plunged as low temperature cold waves hit Taiwan. According to the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation’s latest announcements, the blood banks in Northern Taiwan are running dangerously low. The NTU Hospital’s doctors have encouraged people to donate blood as the inventory of type O-blood can only be used for one more surgery treatment. China Life has collaborated with the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation by organizing blood donation events at its branch offices nationwide. We held blood donation events in Kaohsiung and Taoyuan in January, and received positive feedback from all of our staff. In face of blood shortage in Northern Taiwan, China Life’s president Stephanie Hwang also participated the blood donation event on January 22nd in Taipei, encouraging employees and the general public to serve as blood donors. Those who step forth and donate blood will receive sweet potatoes which were sold to help pupils in the rural areas fulfill their dreams. Additional donation blood events will be held in Tainan and Chiayi as we continue the blood donation marathon.
    China Life Receives Three Microinsurance Awards, Embodying the Fulfillment of “Treat Customer Fairly” Principles
    Taipei, 10 December 2020– Actively responding to the government’s policy, China Life has launched microinsurance products and small-sized whole life insurance products, reflecting our fulfilment of inclusive finance and “treating customer fairly” principles. This year, China Life takes a step further by extending the microinsurance safety net to Eastern Taiwan, offering basic protection to disadvantaged families. China Life’s efforts in promoting the aforementioned products have been recognized by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). We thus received three different awards, including the microinsurance Contest Excellent Performance Award, the microinsurance Contest Caring for the Physically and Mentally Challenged Award, and the Small Amount Whole Life Insurance Excellent Performance Award. It is worth noting that, China Life has received the microinsurance Contest for the sixth straight year. China Life’s senior vice president Johnny Chang will receive the award on behalf of the Company.
    China Life and CDF Under International Spotlight Through ESG Achievements
    Taipei, 1 December 2020 - According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices’ (DJSI) latest announcement, CDF is included on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (DJSI Emerging Markets). Every year, DJSI invites thousands of enterprises worldwide to participate in the evaluation. Only companies with the top ESG 10% score will be eligible as DJSI constituents. DJSI has become a crucial evaluation index in terms of ESG investment performance. CDF is categorized in the insurance sector with 22 question sets falling into the category of Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) specifically dedicated to the insurance sector. China Life’s scores were significantly ahead of industry average in reflection of its voluntary actions to respond to PSI. Additionally, China Life obtained the “Best Score” in the sustainable finance and inclusive finance-related questions, in reflection of the Company’s responsible investment policies and microinsurance promotion.
    China Life Showcases “Big data,” “AI” and “Ecosystem” Digital Innovations at the 2020 Taipei FinExpo
    Taipei, 27 November 2020 – Innovation is a driving force for business growth and sustainable development. China Life took part in the 2020 Taipei FinExpo, showcasing our fruits in digital innovation and inclusive finance by adhering to our mission in the insurance industry, sticking to the main theme of sustainable finance, actively engaging in technological empowerment and upgrading our heartwarming services. China Life has thoroughly exhibited its determination and value in sustainable development.
    A Record High – China Life Receives 7 TCSA Awards
    Taipei, 18 November 2020 – China Life’s continual commitment to sustainability been widely acknowledged. It was awarded seven awards at the 2020 TCSA Awards, including the golden CSR Report Award for the financial and insurance industry, silver English Report Award, Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Performance Award; as well as Best Performance of Specific Categories – Transparency and Integrity Awards, Growth through Innovation Awards, Creativity in Communication Awards, and Cyber Security. The number of awards going to China Life reaches a record high in terms of the Company’s participation in the TCSA Awards. The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Academy complimented the transparency and comprehensiveness of China Life’s CSR report, not only incorporating the UN’s SDGs but also implementing TCFD climate impact matrices. In addition, China Life stays up to date on the latest trends in promoting friendly finance and digital transformations, fully displaying its width and depth of corporate sustainability capabilities.
    China Life Taipei Academy Construction Project Given the Taipei Tree Protection Award
    Taipei, 27 October 2020 – The winners of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government’s Second Taipei Tree Protection Awards have finally been announced. China Life’s Taipei Academy Construction Project receives the award as it retains multiple items of the original environment and pursues friendly coexistence. Not only is it a display of the Company’s devotion to corporate social responsibilities, but also proves the Company’s dedication to sustainable development goals on the front of governance, social and environment.
    China Life Deemed A National Green Purchasing Model
    Taipei, 30 September 2020 - In response to the severe climate change in recent years, the IPCC has stated that by 2030, the global temperature may rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius. Climate change related risks have been deemed the greatest global threat by the Global Risk Report for many years in a row. As a member of the global community, China Life actively engages in climate change mitigation measures and is committed to making contribution. In addition to promoting a green working environment and digital finance and other services, China Life embraces green purchasing. This year, the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan recognized China Life as an outstanding organization which engages in green purchasing and promotes green consumption, confirming China Life’s efforts to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
    China Life Recognized by FSC for Two Consecutive Years for Incorporating “Treating Customers Fairly” into its Business Culture
    Taipei, 12 August, 2020 – In the “Treating Customers Fairly Assessment Results” announced by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), China Life was ranked in the top 20% among all life insurers for two consecutive years. During the FSC recognition ceremony on August 12th, President Stephanie Hwang emphasized that “Love and Care” is China Life’s core value and that providing services and products that warm the hearts of customers have also been the Company’s philosophy and goal. Protection of financial consumers is incorporated into all aspects of the Company – including product design, marketing and solicitation, sales process, contract enforcement, and policy services – holding “treat customers with fairness and empathy as you’d treat yourself” as the highest principle.
    Global Recognition for China Life as it Took Home Two Trophies at the “Insurance Asia Awards”
    Taipei, 7 August, 2020 – You can now use your face not only to unlock your cell phone, but also buy insurance! Embracing innovation in FinTech, China Life has incorporated technology into different scenarios surrounding insurance, and has included facial recognition into the process of insurance application. In the Insurance Asia Awards 2020 hosted by Asian Banking & Finance magazine, the project was recognized as Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year. China Life also received the Insurance Initiative of the Year award for its products, indicating global recognition for its endeavors in digital and product innovations.
    China Life, the only company certified “Excellence “twice in the Corporate Governance Assessment
    Taipei, 30 July 2020 – China Life has long focused on corporate governance by keeping abreast of international trends and applying the highest standards to reach its goals. China Life once again received the “Excellence” certification in the CG6012 (2019) Corporate Governance Assessment by Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, becoming the first listed company certified “Excellence” twice consecutively, and winning recognition from the Association. Stephanie Hwang, President of the Company, attended the award ceremony and received the trophy on behalf of the Company.
    China Life CSR Report Certified by International Institution
    Taipei, 7 July 2020 – The world was severely impacted by COVID-19 in 2020, leading companies to re-consider ways to balance business development and coexistence with the environment, and invest more in sustainability. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR report) is an import tool for stakeholders to assess the Company’s capabilities in responding to risks and creating sustainable value. China Life has compiled its annual CSR reports for thirteen years, winning TOP 50 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards for four years in a row. China Life is also the first Taiwanese enterprise to win Best Report Top 3 in the Corporate Register Reporting Awards (CRRA), hosted by the largest online reporting platform in the world. Additionally, the Company won Asia's Best Sustainability Report award the first time it enrolled in the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA), and Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year and Insurance Initiative of the Year in the Insurance Asia Awards. China Life’s efforts in sustainable development have been internationally received. The 2019 CSR report has been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Stephanie Hwang, President of the Company, received the letter of certification on behalf of the Company from Peter Pu, Managing Director of NE Region (Asia) of BSI Group.
    China Life Launches Mobile Insurance 2.0 to Boost Service Efficiency
    Taipei, 18 June 2020 – As FinTech becomes a worldwide trend, China Life has accelerated digital transformation by engaging in supply chain restructuring and revolution. The Company aims to provide diverse insurance services and experiences by actively using big data and AI technologies in product development, service and business fronts to create smart FinTech services. After China Life’s self-developed mobile insurance APP designed for agents has received positive feedback and neared 100% submission rate, we launched the mobile insurance 2.0 – response service for mobile authorization. This upgraded service has brought about full digital and paperless experience for the clients’ mobile insurance journey from insuring to acceptance, allowing clients enjoy more convenient and heartwarming services.
    China Life Becomes the First Asia-based Company to Receive the Asia Sustainability Reporting Award
    Taipei, 8 May 2020 – China Life becomes Asia’s first enterprise to win the gold award from the Asia Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA) among 16 top-tier Asian enterprises. This is the first time the Company participates in the ASRA. China Life’s efforts to promote sustainable development has received international recognition. The gold award of ASRA has put China Life under international spotlight again after the Company became the winner of Best Report from Corporate Register Reporting Awards (CRRA).
    China Life Donates Microinsurance Policies to Tainan City Government by Providing Protection for Over 8,000 Disadvantaged Citizens
    Taipei, 30 April 2020 – China Life has donated Microinsurance products to the Tainan City Government, an active response to the policies from both the United Nations and the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and to implement inclusive finance and the “treating customer fairly” principles. The Company sets up a more friendly insurance service by extending the safety net to Tainan City. The donation will reach out to more than 8,000 Tainan disadvantaged citizens aged between 15 and 70. Those who are from low-income families and eligible for applying for the policies without screening their gender and profession will enjoy one-year accident insurance policy protection with insured amount of NT$300,000. China Life collaborates with the local government to provide protection for the economically disadvantaged.
    China Life Staff Displays Care for the Disadvantaged - Public Welfare Purchasing Activities Achieves New Highs
    Taipei, 2 March 2020 – China Life insists on doing the right thing and protecting our homeland. For 12 consecutive years, China Life has held charity sales events and created a platform that combines public purchasing and products from charity organizations, providing exposure for the disadvantaged. The theme of this year is “Share Your Love.” China Life works hand in hand with charity organizations, eco-friendly local farmers, social enterprises and rural pupils in maximizing public welfare. The total purchase from China Life’s staff was over NT$1.2 million.Such amount represents our employees’ substantial help to the charity groups and support of the goodness.By generating positive influence, our efforts can work toward helping those in different corners of society.
    China Life Insurance Receives International Recognition After Being Selected for the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
    Taipei, 25 February 2020 – Creating an inclusive work culture has become a global trend. China Life echoes the UN’s SDGs and ensures gender equality in the workplace. This year, China Life was selected from a pool of 6,000 companies from 84 countries for the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality, GEI. Being selected in the first year participation is a true testament to the international recognition of China Life’s gender-equality work environment.
    China Life Acquires Distinct Excellence Distinct Excellence Certification for Corporate Governance Assessment
    Taipei, 8 January 2020 – Corporate governance is embedded in the Company’s corporate value and culture, a testament to China Life’s focus on corporate conference for a long time. Aside from being ranked the top 5% of listed companies for corporate governance for five consecutive year, China Life applied for the CG6012 (2019) Corporate Governance Certification Assessment and became the first listed company to acquire distinct excellence twice in a row.The Company was highly praised by the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association and has become an industry benchmark by aligning with international standards.