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  • As FinTech becomes a modern trend, we aim to become more digitalized and be more open minded in our thinking and practices. Our workforce must be committed to digitalization and innovation and integrate these concepts into their business practices and services, thereby providing more efficient and caring services. Despite the challenges arising from the pandemic, China Life plans to expand its recruitment operations. Candidates from a wide range of fields, in particular the insurance and digital fields, are attracted to our stable business operations and progressive training plans.

    Talent attraction

    Aside from regular recruitment channels, China Life cooperates with colleges and universities in industrial-academic cooperative ventures, holding summer internship plans, Company visits, and other initiatives. Our goal is to promote our corporate culture and operational philosophy to students, so that they develop an interest in joining China Life in the future.

    Target Audience Cross-Field Talent Insurance Talent Digital Talent
    Objective Recruit talent from a variety of fields who are willing to push themselves and accept new challenges that arise when switching fields. Outstanding talent that show great potential and can be trained to become future leading professionals in the insurance industry. In response to digital transformations, we are committed to recruiting and cultivating digital talent.
    • Management Associate (MA) program
    • Business channel MA program
    • After-sales service MA program
    • Youth summer internship program
    • Industrial-academia cooperation plans
    • School visits
    • FinTech scholarship subsidies
    • AI Institute training
    • Institute for Information Industry training and employment matchmaking
    • Digital application development interns
    • Employee technical transformation training

    Pandemic Recruitment Plans

    As the COVID-19 pandemic devasted the world in 2020, China Life adopted a remote workplace policy from March to June. Department managers and human resources staff were distributed to different workplaces. To prevent job applicants from moving between various remote workplaces and increasing virus transmission risks, interviews for some of the candidates were conducted via video or teleconferencing tools. In principle, job candidates were limited to a single work location for their interviews, which minimized the spread of the virus and resulted in increased efficiency.

    The pandemic also led to the cancellation of all domestic school campus recruitment events, but this did not halt China Life’s recruitment efforts. To avoid face to face contact and increased transmission risks, online interviews were conducted for the 2020 preliminary selection of management associates. In two weeks, we interviewed 133 people using digital tools and thereby raised efficiency and minimized contagion risks.

    Internship Program

    China Life has long maintained good interactions with academic institutions and actively engages in industrial-academic cooperation. With this in mind, we made our youth internship program a key part of talent cultivation. The program consists of three main themes: comprehensive internship courses, senior counselors, and diverse activities. Interns are guided through career exploration, professional cultivation, social participation, and mental care. Students apply for intern positions in departments that complement their major, interests, and future development direction. They are assigned to actuarial, investment, legal, information, customer service, or distribution channels. Our two-month internship allows for the exploring of the professional work environment, which bridges the gap between what is learned in school and actual practice. Moreover, the program helps students cultivate a positive work attitude and establish the right values. Every student intern is assigned a specialized counselor who not only oversees the student’s work but also offers encouragement and care when needed. In the past four years we presented certificates to 58 talented interns who completed internships with us.

    Industrial-Academic Cooperation Program

    In order to build industrial-academic cooperative mechanisms and expand recruitment channels that are needed to find elite members for the Company’s future development, China Life signed industrial-academic cooperative plans with the Department of Risk Management and Insurance at Feng Chia University for five consecutive years. The program strengthens our ties with the school and brings us closer to its students, which lets us promote our corporate brand and values. It bridges the gap between what students’ study in school and the skills they will use in the workplace, thus giving them a head start on their professional future and supporting the Company’s efforts in cultivating future insurance talents.

    Management Associates Program

    China Life has operated the Management Associates (MA) Program since 2016. The MA Program is a comprehensive, two-year course that is tailored to each participant’s educational background. In the first stage, MAs undergo joint training to understand the business group’s vision. They rotate to different departments to gain a wider understanding and view of the industry. In addition to being assigned designated tasks, supervisors and MA jointly select a suitable department to engage in more practical learning. This leads into the second stage, in which the MA joins a suitable department for in-depth development and practical applications.

    Since the Company is moving towards offering more innovative financial services that spread across a range of fields and are comprehensive in nature, the MA program recruits’ participants from different departments and backgrounds. In adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, senior MAs made videos which share their achievements and career development online. The Human Resources Department arranged for each MA to join video-based interviews, including one-on-one interviews and explanatory meetings with a human resources manager. Operational teams also conducted their interviews and selection process online, making special effort in highlighting the importance of the program. China Life provides competitive salaries and performance-based salary adjustments, bonuses, and reward distributions during the training period as incentives to further encourage MAs to become the Company’s future leaders.


    Agency Channel MA Program

    First launched in 2020, this program recruits young talent with potential and offers them classes, practical training, and rotation of different departments with the goal of helping them quickly understand the operational aspects and processes of the insurance industry. The MAs are cultivated to become business channel leaders of tomorrow. During the cultivation period, MAs learn about business channel planning units and insurance business departments for a period of 4.5 months. Supervisors then assess MAs’ skills and performance to place them in a suitable department to undergo further development. We target graduates or individuals with less than two years working experience from risk management, insurance, business management, or science and engineering related departments of public universities or leading private universities. In 2020, we hired eight outstanding agency channel MAs.

    Elite Project Training Program

    China Life released the “Elite Project” training program in 2018. It targets talented workers aged 20 to 55 who are interested in finance or sales. Using big data recruitment models and character tests, we find new talents and place them in a position to support business development. For qualified candidates, we offer a 15-month financial subsidy plan which provides up to NT$380,000 in cash and an iPad. We also developed the i-Agent system as a mobile, digital method tool for staff to quickly and efficiently promote the Company’s business. A mixture of comprehensive training mechanisms, attractive financial subsidies, and digital systems and tools give talented staff the support they need to push forward on the path to achieving their career goals and lifestyle dreams.

    Education Training

    In order to enhance the Company’s responsive competitiveness in the digital age, China Life continues to conduct diversified talent development and training programs. Using both in-person classes and online study platforms that are accessible across different platforms, the Company has planned legal training, management skills training, professional skills training, in addition to general education courses.

    AI Academy

    Following the arrangements in 2019, the President led 10 high-level management staff in attending a 16-week weekend course on management and a course on technical leadership training at the Taiwan AI Academy. This facilitated in-depth study of AI, machine learning, deep learning, social networks analysis, etc., and the implementation of these concepts into their management and everyday work.

    Hahow Digital Self-Learning Program

    The COVID-19 pandemic ran rampant around the world in 2020. China Life prioritizes learning while recognizing the need to promote social distancing in order to keep employees safe. In this spirit, we launched a one-year digital self-study program that was made in conjunction with the external online multimedia lesson producer Hahow. Our “all-you-can-eat” study program offers employees a chance to embark on a rich, interesting, and diverse learning experience as an individual or as an organization.

    Our digital self-learning program provided more than 200 classes and 11 types of courses. Employees had full access to all study materials, allowing them to learn more about areas of personal interest. The Company’s departments created study plans that included mandatory courses and lessons for new on-board staff during their probation periods. China Life links education to organizational development while helping individuals pursue their own self-study goals, thereby creating a more competitive workforce.

    In encouraging learning, the Company also offers study incentives, including product vouchers as a reward for tangible learning achievements. In 2020, close to 1,800 employees received vouchers, with a total value of over NT$80,000. Accumulated study hours totaled at 30,998, and more than 90% of employees used the platform.

    Online Overseas Training Courses

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person overseas training classes were either suspended or cancelled in 2020. To promote continuous learning, China Life encouraged employees to join online classes held by international training organizations and even offered study subsidies. By joining the Society of Actuaries (US) Associateship Professionalism Course, the Association of Certified Money Laundering Specialists continuing education lessons, and other courses, employees took advantage of cross-field learning opportunities and engaged in exchange with people from different backgrounds.

    English Training Program

    As dual language nations become an international trend, the Taiwan government hopes to make English a second language. China Life recognizes the need to encourage learning as well as raise the English capabilities of our employees. We therefore launched fully subsidized English training classes in 2020 and offered complementary incentive plans. For mid-to-high-level management staff, lessons focus on business oral communication. For non-management employees, lessons focus on English self-study and foundational training. Pre- and post-course TOEIC exams provide insight into course effectiveness and serve as a learning goal for participants.

    Four English workshops and five English proficiency exams were held in 2020. Online English learning materials for socializing, life and workplace were developed and created. Employees may select different levels of English sessions that can improve their own listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, to perfect their English ability.

    Professional Certificate Incentives

    The Company established rules governing incentive programs for office staff who seek professional certificates as well as rules for office staff who seek actuarial certificates. The rules stipulate standards for exam holidays, study holidays, registration subsidies, and bonuses. The incentives encourage staff to continue to advance their professional skills and obtain certificates to for their expertise. In response to global efforts toward anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, the Company subsidizes annual fees and re-certification fees for staff who already have Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certification. We also encourage staff in departments dedicated to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing to obtain relevant domestic and international certificates and subsidize all relevant fees. In response to big data trends, the Company encourages staff to pursue Society of Actuaries (US) predictive analysis certification. Enhanced data analysis knowledge and skills contributes to better business operations. In 2020, the average number of certificates per office staff was 2.41, and this number has increased for the past three years.

    Sales Channel Development

    Talent cultivation is critical to strengthening the competitiveness of the organization. With our expertise as foundation, China Life enhances the skills of agents by planning comprehensive, systematic training frameworks focused on core abilities. Our training blueprint is based on the skills best suited for each specific stage of development. In addition, we constantly research and develop innovative training models. By implementing digital management, we enhance the abilities of our agents into balanced professional insurance planners that can attend to the needs of our customers using mobile tools.

    Mobile Technology Tools Enhance Sales Management

    As part of the Company’s digital transformation, i-Agent has become a required smart tool in providing agent channels with product sales and marketing, talent recruitment, after-sales service, and performance tracking assistance. Functions such as notifications and recommendations make the smart tool much more convenient to use. An AI digital coach feature currently under development will further enhance the value of the i-Agent application.

    As part of our smart recruitment effort, we cooperated with IBM to develop the industry’s first AI recruitment and smart coach tool, which uses i-Agent to collect data for analysis and channel development. The AI recruitment smart coach feature provides agents with a variety of solutions anytime and anywhere, while also offering record management for all prospective recruits. Sales managers use this tool to understand recruitment efforts of sales agents, so they can better grasp problems that arise and provide precise guidance. Using AI to optimize the recruitment process lets sales agents do a better job of investing time and resources into new and prospective employees, which significantly raises both conversion rates and efficiency. Better agent development and quality enhances the Company’s services.

    The i-Agent system uses iterative development to build and manage customer name lists and calendar alerts, which helps agents to actively arrange customer engagement and scheduling. Sales managers use the system to track agent activity volume and performance. These data support scientific management, so managers can determine development models best suited to each sales agent while improving models for choosing agent talent. i-Agent also integrates AI data analysis to provide customer lists and identification markers at times when they are needed by agents. By turning this digital tool into a digital assistant then adapting it to become a digital coach, we give sales agents powerful new capabilities.

    Needs Exploration/Chai Na Lai Fu Testing Instrument

    To make agents more cognizant of customer needs, China Life developed the needs exploration/Chai Na Lai Fu digital testing instrument. Customers can use the instrument as a self-discovery tool for exploring risk items of concern and areas in which protection is lacking. Agents use the instrument to create tangible, numeric lists of protection items that customers care about, so that both sides understand the gap between customers’ expectations and their current situation. This information leads to better customer risk planning.

    Diverse Training Courses

    Agent Training and Study Map In 2020, we replanting a series of professional sales representative courses and developed 12 practical classes that cover topics such as customer group engagement, policy review system applications, and sales strategies for our main products. We also designed a learning inspection and acceptance mechanism, with an emphasis on helping new employees acquire the skills they need to join the insurance market.
    Agent e Academy Developed six courses totaling 56 classes. Uploaded 344 instructional materials that focused on legal issues, information systems, products, and corporate transformation. In 2020, the e academy received a total of 120, 000 visits.
    Assistant Manager Training Course Helped excellent-performing sales supervisors accelerate their promotion to assistant managers, which advances the overall promotion system at different branch offices. Regarding issues encountered during career development, we provide courses that focus on recruitment and management capabilities. Expert speakers offer insights on solving problems, and we track post-class assignments to raise proficiency in knowledge, techniques, and tools.
    Management Masters 2.0 Guidance Course Enhanced the guidance capabilities of sales management so as to help new employees become better integrated with the Company’s culture, in addition to research individual case studies, undertake joint customer visits, and facilitate the development of positive attitudes. Five additional courses are added in addressing six key scenarios.
    Online Classes In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Company began to offer online courses in March 2020. Instructors offered insight into a variety of products, recruitment, and related topics, providing sales agents with up-to-date firsthand information. In 2020, the Company held a total of 21 livestreams, each attended by approximately 3,000 individuals. The average satisfaction rate was 4.7.

    Sales Supervisor Promotion Plan

    The Company uses a series of mechanisms such as training, institutions, rewards, performance, and management to track the performance of our supervisors and facilitate quick promotion of competent supervisors. At the same time, informative education, practice and discussion help students to develop the appropriate attitude and philosophy they will need to become assistant managers, while putting sales and recruiting concepts into practice. China Life fosters critical professional capabilities through digital applications. Through group practice and exchanges, we cultivate stronger future assistant managers, laying a robust foundation for future development of the Company.

    Branch Manager Training Plan

    Branch managers form the backbone of the Company’s sales management team. They are offered a diverse range of training resources that are based on years of establishment and development of the branch office, as well as annual target performance. Employees who show high growth potential also qualify for the training. The objective is to build an environment conducive to cultivating outstanding leaders.

    Target Audience Principal Themes and Benefits
    Employees with the Potential to Become Excellent Managers Using practical training and post-class guidance, we focus on develop foundational skills in the first year and we teach how to build an organization, guide and recruit employees, and monitor performance in the second year. By the third year, we show how to prepare for district office establishment.
    New Branch Managers The launch of the i-Agent 2.0 branch manager occupational competency plan paves the way for more intensive training, more robust capabilities, and peer benchmarks. Practical discussion on bottlenecks and best practices promotes the formation of teams focused on learning. After district office establishment, we continue to set and track related targets.
    Senior Branch Managers We compile mid-year and year-end strategy and planning reports to cultivate an environment conducive to shared learning and communication. By adopting innovative thinking and transformational leadership qualities, we equip managers to respond to external challenges and strengthen operational management and practices. At the same time, we assess performances to understand what was successful in achieving annual benchmarks. As we spark recruitment momentum, we likewise strengthen communication management and coordination capabilities. These lessons provide a robust market base and cultivate high performing teams.